Our volunteers and donors are artists, dreamers, and builders. Teachers, writers, and librarians. Physicists, chemists, and mathematicians. Spreadsheet-lovers and lovers of the abstract. Community organizers. Gardeners. Life-long learners. Our volunteers and donors are kind and generous, creative and inspiring.


You have built two classrooms, four planters (for both food and flowers), a music studio, a heated house for a colony of feral cats (and occasionally that family of possums), a bibliophile’s dream library, and a home-away-from-home teen lounge.


When we needed you, you came— laden with fire pits for cozy community campfires; grills big enough for burgers for an entire neighborhood; fuzzy gloves for chilly playgrounds; mounds of iris rhizomes and fragrant basil seedlings; a state-of-the-art water heater; perfectly-stacking lunchroom chairs; and boxes upon boxes of snacks. You have painted and plastered, weeded and planted, hosted and fundraised, tutor/mentored and taught.


Together, we will continue to celebrate accomplishments and milestones. We will build community and develop and deepen friendships. All of us together—we can do anything!


May this season bring you many moments of joy.


The Family Matters family

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We appreciate your support and are excited to announce that donating to Family Matters has become even more convenient. You can now make instant donations through Venmo at @FMChicago1987. By using Venmo, you can also save on credit card fees. Thank you for your generosity and for helping us make a positive impact in our community.