Family Matters Wish List

Purchase a gift for Family Matters!

All of the items below are current needs for our building and programs. Some of the items may be purchased and/or donated by you, or you can make a donation in the amount of the item and specify what the donation is intended for. Thank you so much for your gift!

You may also find our wish list on Amazon by clicking here!

If you have questions about a particular item on the list, please email us.

Evening Tutoring Program Needs

Small desk lamps ($15.00)

Pitchers ($10.00)

One week of “Brain Food” for tutoring students ($30.00)

Scholarship Fund contribution (any amount)

Culturally-relevant books (any amount toward purchase)

Hot glue guns ($11)

Supplies for special projects (any amount toward purchase)

Family Connections Program Needs

Supplies for Cooking Class ($30.00)

Subscription to IXL Math Software ($249.00)

Hand Mixer ($20)

Organizer Baskets ($25.00)

Robot Parts ($30/pack of 10)

Bowling Party for Full Day Programming ($100)

School Bus for Field Trip ($200.00)

Gift Cards to Book Stores (any amount)

Teen Program Needs

Fruits and Veggies ($25.00)

Public Transit/CTA Cards for Field Trips ($20.00)

Theater Tickets ($50.00 each)

Building Needs

Window Unit Air Conditioner ($300.00)

Pans for Radiators (to add moisture) ($25.00)

Runner (rug) for the Art Room ($50.00)

Paper Cutter ($45.00)