Learning Matters Summer Program

“This is the best program ever! It’s been only like an hour and I am ready to move in!”

So shared Daniel (10), a member of the 2017 Learning Matters program. At Family Matters we know that summer matters, and we are excited to extend our youth programs into the summer.

Summer Programs at Family Matters

The variety of programs offered works to prevent the “summer slide” while engaging students in hands-on, meaningful, and fun-filled experiences:

Learning Support

One-on-one tutoring/mentoring

Literacy coaching

Foreign language instruction

STEM activities

Life Experiences

Cultural field trips

Hands-on workshops

Yoga classes

Dance and athletics

Leadership Opportunities

Paid youth internships

Youth-led classes

Job readiness training

Community service projects

Summer Program Details

Learning Matters will engage elementary school children in one-on-one literacy coaching, hands-on projects, and field trips throughout the city. The program will also employ Summer Youth Interns – older Family Matters youth who will work with the younger members and receive a small stipend.

Project RISE will employ teens at local businesses through a paid six-week internship experience. Trainings will be offered around resume-building, financial literacy, and interview skills. The teens will also receive guidance in career options and job-seeking strategies.

Chicagobility is a part of the One Summer Chicago program. 20 youth, ages 14-15, will spend six weeks engaged in project-based experiential learning. Designed around the subjects of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math), each week will provide hands-on applications in these areas, bring in guest speakers from the field, and offer field trips to colleges and companies in the Chicagoland area.

As preparation for Project RISE and future employment, youth practice accountability and financial literacy while earning a small stipend for participation.

Students from the Evening Tutoring program will continue to meet weekly with their tutor-mentors during the summer. Many pairs enjoy going on special field trips together (movies, museums, etc.).