Spring Break 2019

Youth spent additional time at Family Matters during Chicago Public Schools’ spring break in April. They took part in a variety of activities and field trips. They dyed (and tossed!) Easter eggs, created Vision Boards, went ice skating, and saw a movie.

On Thursday, before the long holiday weekend, fourth grader Jonathan asked a team member, “Pleeease can Family Matters be open tomorrow?” We’re overjoyed when youth are eager to spend time here!

The ice skating trip offered a first experience to all of the youth who attended. One declared that she would just watch, although by the time all the other children were lacing up their skates, she decided that she would try it too.

All of the children maintained a positive attitude about the experience, even when the skates hurt their ankles. Some traded in skates for different sizes or styles, and they persisted in skating. No one gave up.

Jonathan was a rockstar model of persistence. He was completely soaking wet within 30 minutes on the ice from the many times he fell. Each time he doggedly got up, took a breath, and continued his assault on the ice. Slowly, over the course of the session, he learned to stop “attacking” the ice and started to walk-glide.

After one of his falls, Jonathan commented to a team member, “I am not a quitter, Devon. I fall down, but I get back up and keep trying.”

We’re so grateful for these opportunities to spend extended time with youth and look forward to more full days ahead during summer programming.

If you would like to volunteer at Family Matters this summer, please email Devon. We have many opportunities available!