The Family Matters School

A new school that encourages children to follow their curiosity and to build relationships with their community

Curiosity. That’s where learning starts at The Family Matters School. During a walking field trip to the beach, the teacher scoops a bucket full of sand and water from the lake. ”What do you find in the water?” The children discover rocks and sand and little bits of smooth glass and plastic, even some algae. “How do you think these things ended up in the lake?”

It is the beginning of an exploration of Lake Michigan. The class, led by the children’s questions, discusses the biology of the lake – wildlife, waves, pollution. There is a nearly infinite list of things to be curious about. The children may be inspired to create art pieces, write poems, work cooperatively to perform a play, or find books or videos about water. They explore related science concepts, and may respond with questions that lead them to a completely new place of wonder, like “Where do the seagulls go in the winter?” 

Encouraging curiosity, giving freedom to explore questions, and realizing the power in gaining knowledge: these are the tenets of The Family Matters School.

We believe that the goal of education is to fuel the innate desire to learn by offering engaging, cooperative, and authentic experiences. This approach equips students to view the world as a place of opportunity where change is possible. Through a deep commitment to social-emotional support, The Family Matters School invites children to become courageous learners who understand that by trying new things and making mistakes, they continue to grow.

Children at The Family Matters School will develop the skills for academic success as endorsed by the Illinois State Board of Education. Our inaugural class, starting in the fall of 2019, offers an alternative education option for Kindergarteners in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago.

Innovative Approach

  • Real-world experiences
  • Focus on discovery and exploration
  • Individualized learning

Personal Connections

  • Class of 16 children
  • 1:8 instructor-child ratio
  • Inclusive of the entire family

Convenient School Hours

  • Aligned with CPS calendar
  • 8:15 – 3:15 PM school day
  • Extended day program available

Enrollment Information

If you have questions, contact Tabitha Williams at 773.465.6011 x124 or

Si tiene preguntas en Español contacte a Carolina al 773-465-6011 ext. #113 o