2021 Year-end Appeal: Safe Space

At Family Matters, we’ve been talking a lot about safe spaces and asking ourselves and one another a lot of questions. What makes a place safe? Who makes a place safe? How does an organization cultivate an environment where people are supported, wholeheartedly, with all of their nuances and in all of their dreams?

For some, this practice allows their shoulders to drop a bit. Perhaps their brain quiets some. They may experience an expanded sense of ease. Imagine that release, that calm, being experienced by a young person as they walk up the sidewalk to Family Matters’ blonde brick three-flat and pull open the door. For many youth, Family Matters is exactly like that deep breath in, that long breath out.

Now picture what can happen when young people have a place like Family Matters in their lives. What do they take away with them? Who can they become? Some of those questions are answered by the youth and families who call Family Matters home. They tell us that Family Matters offers room to relax, to let down one’s guard, and to build deep, trusting relationships. That it opens doors to envisioning a fulfilling future, reallocating the energy spent building safety walls to pursuing aspirations. And we know that all of these things, and more, take place every single day at Family Matters, because they tell us so.

If you have been part of the Family Matters family for a long time, thank you. If you are new here, welcome. We are so excited for the year to come, and our accomplishments are made all the richer because we get to share them with you. Your generous support means so much to us, and makes all the difference in the world. Thank you for walking this path with us.

May the coming year bring you many opportunities for expansiveness and joy.

In peaceful partnership,

The Family Matters family