Brothers of New Directions (BOND) for high school teens, and Brothers on the Move (BOM) for middle school pre-teens, are Family Matters’ Teen Boys Programs.  The Programs’ goal is to facilitate life enhancing leadership and community building opportunities for young men in the North of Howard neighborhood.  They seek to equip youth with the resources, knowledge, and experience to make life-affirming decisions – particularly in areas that most impact the lives of young people, such as relationships, education, health and career options. To address the critical challenges that young men face, the program utilizes youth development strategies that foster self-efficacy and community consciousness. The intent is CLEAR—Community, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Art/Academics, and Respect.

At the center of the teen boys’ programming is an arts-to-entrepreneurship initiative. Through this initiative the young men learn business skills that are transferable to any setting. The young men then apply those skills in order to market and sell their art products. The young men are focusing their efforts on developing and expanding a line of performance attire.  They also contract their services (which include light furniture moving, flyering projects, and drumming performances) as opportunities become available and as time permits.

All of the services and products are viewed through the lens of combining earned income with community enhancement activities.  The T-shirt designs will focus on the Principles of Leadership, “green” themes, peace, and other messages that the young men believe are valuable to their community – particularly to other youth.

The Teen Boys Programs meet Monday through Friday, September through July. If you would like more information about the Teen Boys Programs, please contact Chris Spence.