When we went camping in Indiana, we stayed at Where Pigs Fly Farm and we went hiking in the river called Potholes. Potholes River is different than other rivers because there are big round holes in the river where fish and lobsters live. Potholes were formed by water that washed over rocks over time, called erosion. Sometimes potholes are deep. Sometimes they are not deep. There are so many things that I remember.

I remember that when we saw potholes in the river, I didn’t swim in them because I thought they were deep. When I saw some of my friends jumping in the potholes which weren’t that deep, I still didn’t go in because they have fish and lobster that swim all around the potholes. Also I remember that I caught a small lobster, but I didn’t want to hurt it so I let it go. After we hiked and played in the river, we went back to the house to made pizza for dinner. The afternoon at Potholes was fun!!

Rising 7th Grader

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