Postsecondary Readiness Initiative – College Insight

Loyola University hosted “College Insight” Day on Saturday, June 2, inviting community organizations in Chicago to bring rising 9th-12th graders and their parents to explore what the various paths to a four-year college look like.  7 students and 2 parents from Family Matters attended this event, and we had a great day!

Students had the opportunity to hear from a Chicago native 2012 Loyola graduate,  learn about different college scholarship and mentoring programs available, and participate in fun activities around college and career readiness.  In one of the workshops, students completed a budget spreadsheet based on their income from their profession. Students were assigned a profession—everything from a cashier to a TV producer—when they walked in the room, which determined their income.  Several students said this activity was “awesome” and gave them new appreciation for their parents.  

While students were in their workshops, parents attended a session hosted by the parents of a first generation college alum from Loyola. One Family Matters parent commented that hearing from a parent who has “been there” was an extremely valuable experience for her, and that she believes she is now more prepared to navigate the process of college applications with her teens.  
This event was a highlight of our Postsecondary Readiness Initiative (PRI) this year, and we are looking forward to continuing to explore the many different options for life after high school in Family Matters programming this summer and next school year!