Our Story

Where it all Began

In 1987, 10 families gathered in a small apartment building to discuss the creation of an after-school program for children and families. They dreamed of a place where parents and children could share their experiences, partner with staff to design programs, and work to improve their community. Since our beginning, parents have consistently requested three key elements:

  • A safe space for their children after school
  • Educational support
  • Communication and leadership skill-building
31 years later, Family Matters continues to provide these three important components. All programs:
  • meet in the after-school hours, between 3:30 and 8:00 PM, during the school year.
  • continue in the summer with a modified schedule.
  • offer opportunities for leadership development.
  • provide individualized goal-setting and academic support.
  • support social and emotional learning in every experience.
  • offer hands-on, applicable, and fun learning experiences.
  • offer one-on-one tutoring and mentoring.

Why it Matters

  • 100% of seniors in our programs have graduated from high school, and 93% have gone on to enroll in college within one year.
  • Students enrolled in our summer program typically make gains in reading skills in excess of one grade level during that time.
  • 92% of youth report that Family Matters provided them their first leadership opportunity outside of school.
  • 80% of teachers surveyed who have worked with Family Matters youth noted their demonstrated skills in classroom leadership and conflict resolution abilities.

Youth at Family Matters - Demographics

living below poverty level

first- or second-generation immigrants

have experienced or witnessed trauma

potential first-generation college students