Jumping Rope


With the weather being severely cold these past few months, the girls in the Teen Girls Program were eager to go outside. We walked over to the near by park where many of the girls played double dutch.
Shakira Grayson shared that she loves everything about double dutch. She was one of the girls who jumped the most, using every opportunity to jump when someone else did not have a turn.
“It expresses me…makes me feel like I am me, expressing myself in a rope”, said Grayson.   
Because the Teen Girls Program is committed to health and wellness, jumping rope was an opportunity for physical activity.
Eriana McArthur loves doing tricks when she jumps. “I think it’s cool to jump because it gives you exercise”, she said.  
Similar to McArthur, Anataho Ganga sees jumping rope as a way to exercise her legs, but also a way to have fun. When asked why she decided to jump rope at the park, Ganga responded, “I just wanted to have fun. When I jump with my friends, it makes me feel like I can jump.”
Hopefully, this will be one of many afternoons where we will be able to get some fresh air and jump double dutch.