• One inflatable welcome banner, investigated by a Walk-A-Thon-walking pet ferret. 

  • Five gallons of coffee, plus another five of hot chocolate. 

  • 10 balloon-bedecked tents, 15 carnival games, 20 communal picnic tables. 

  • Dozens of children waiting for their turn in the bouncy house. 

  • 25 pounds of popcorn, 6 dozen donuts, 100 bagels with cream cheese, 300+ hot dogs, burgers, and chicken breasts. 

  • 250 colorful Walk-A-Thon t-shirts, sported by friends new and old, some out of breath from pre-walk Zumba. 

When you put it all together, it describes one singular, magical, sunshine-filled Walk-A-Thon day, a gathering of Family Matters children, youth, families, volunteers, supporters, staff, neighbors, and Board members. When you put it all together, it equals more than $60,000 to support The Family Matters School, Partners in Learning tutor/mentoring, Project RISE teen leadership development, Respectful Communities Principles of Leadership training, and Community Engagement. Thank you for your contributions  and your dedication to our mission.

 We are deeply grateful to you for your support as we prepare leaders, cultivate connections, and illuminate choices. Thank you for walking this path with us.

 In community.

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