Family Connections Food Drive

Family Connections kids organize community projects every year. This winter they decided to have a food drive at the local Dominick’s and donate the food they collected to Howard Area Community Center Pantry. Family Connections staff took the kids to speak with the manager in order to set up all the details of the food drive.

On the day of the food drive, a group of kids took boxes and flyers to Dominick’s. Some stood at the door to ask customers to buy an extra can of food and make a donation or to donate something they had already purchased. Some of the kids decided to go around the store and talk to customers about the food drive and ask them to donate canned food. At first, the kids were quite shy; once they came up with a plan to get more donations they were very engaged in the project. Some of the kids reported speaking to around 30 different people. Each time they had more confidence and determination to ask customers to donate. 
They were able to collect two boxes of food in one hour. The kids then took it to Howard Area Community Center Pantry. Amellalli shared, “I learned that many people don’t have food and shelter and they need a lot of supplies or food.” Ramiro stated in his evaluation that the part he most enjoyed about the project was “asking people if they can donate food.” Many of the students said they would like to have another food drive in the future.