Evening Tutoring

Evening Tutoring students and tutors have been busy making plans for their annual holiday party, which will take place during the week of December 19th. As party plans are starting to take shape, students are getting excited! As part of her tutoring session last week, Arlene Montalvo, a 4th grader, wanted to write a story about the upcoming holiday party. She is eager to share it with all of you! Enjoy!

Santa Comes to the Family Matters Christmas Party

Once upon a time it was Christmas and Santa came to give presents to Keri, Kat, and Jenn. Santa landed on the roof of Family Matters and got stuck in the chimney. He could not get out all night. 
Family Matters was his last stop. On Monday it was party time! Jenn and Arlene went to the third floor to get spoons to eat ice cream. The spoons were where Santa Claus was stuck. Jenn and Arlene saw feet in the chimney, and they pulled Santa out.
“What are you doing here?” Jenn and Arlene asked.
“I got stuck here trying to give presents to Keri, Kat, and Jenn!”
“Do you want to come to the party?” Jenn asked.
Santa came to the Family Matters party to play games and to decorate cookies. It was the best Christmas party ever!
The End
By Arlene Montalvo, 4th grade
Tutored by Jenn Kloc