Evening Tutoring – You’ll be “dye-ing” to read this!

During Evening Tutoring at Family Matters, students and tutors work on homework and projects from school, and explore other areas of interest. This year, several student-tutor pairs have been digging deeper into science by doing different experiments during tutoring sessions. Here’s a science experiment that Giselle, a 6th grader, is excited to share with you!

You’ll be “dye-ing” to make this!

My tutor Vanessa and I have been dying to make…homemade t-shirts! While looking for crystal making experiments one day, we found an all-natural recipe for dyes. The best part of it was that they were made from fruits and vegetables!
Here is how we dyed the t-shirts:
1) wash t-shirts without fabric softener.
2) cut the fruits (we used blueberries and raspberries to get a pinkish-purple color) and soak overnight in water.
3) simmer on the stove for one hour and add water when it gets low.
4) strain plant residue out
5) add 1 Tbsp. Alum for every quart of dye (found in spice aisle)
6) wet shirt and add to dye in pot on stove and simmer until you get a color you want.
7) rinse out the shirt in cold water and let dry.

Other fruits/vegetables you can use:

Spinach = green
Onion skins = yellow
Raspberries = pink
Blueberries = purplish-blue
Beets = red
Strawberries = pinkish-red
Mangoes = yellowish-orange