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Devon studied Speech Education and English at Northwestern University. After graduation, she taught high school English, speech and theatre for 10 years in suburban Washington, DC and rural central Illinois. When she and her husband moved to Chicago for him to complete grad school, she found a position at Family Matters. At the time she thought she would return to high school teaching one day, but after a short time working at Family Matters, she realized she had found the work she truly wanted to do.

Devon still loves teaching and believes that the best learning environment is one where the teacher and student work in partnership. Since Family Matters’ work centers around establishing and maintaining healthy relationships, it is an ideal learning environment. Devon appreciates the fact that her work allows her to really get to know families well and often work with them over a period of years.

When Devon and her husband and their two children made the decision to move back to Central Illinois, she found a way to continue working at Family Matters. So Devon now telecommutes two days a week and uses I-55 and Amtrak to get her to work the other three days. When she’s not commuting, she enjoys acting, writing and enjoying the outdoors.

What Devon wants you to know about Family Matters: Our work at Family Matters is different than ‘assistance’ or ‘service’ — it is about coming together and creating a relationship – building something deep and real and lasting; working together as a community – as a family – on our goals.