2018 Summer 10×10 Challenge

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Thank you for supporting summer programs at Family Matters!

“This is the best program ever! It’s been only like an hour and I am ready to move in!”

So shared Daniel (age 10), a member of last summer’s Learning Matters program. At Family Matters we know that summer matters, and we are excited to extend our youth programs into the summer. Thank you for your contribution!

If you have any questions, please contact Gretchen at gretchen@familymatterschicago.org.

The variety of programs offered works to prevent the “summer slide” while engaging students in hands-on, meaningful, and fun-filled experiences:

Learning Support

One-on-one tutoring/mentoring

Literacy coaching

Foreign language instruction

STEM activities

Life Experiences

Cultural field trips

Hands-on workshops

Yoga classes

Dance and athletics

Leadership Opportunities

Paid youth internships

Youth-led classes

Job readiness training

Community service projects

Donations Support ...

  • Books
  • STEM materials
  • Healthy snacks
  • Materials for community service projects
  • Transportation for field trips
  • Materials for hands-on workshops
  • Sports equipment
  • Stipends for youth interns
  • Activity fees for tutor-student outings

Summer Program Details

Learning Matters will engage elementary school children in one-on-one literacy coaching, hands-on projects, and field trips throughout the city. The program will also employ four Summer Youth Interns – older Family Matters youth who will work with the younger members and receive a small stipend.

Project RISE will employ teens at local businesses through a paid four-week internship experience. Trainings will be offered around resume-building, financial literacy, and interview skills. The teens will also receive guidance in career options and job-seeking strategies.

The Teen Girls of That Goddess Power will work on learning Spanish, continue their youth-led Self-Love workshops, participate in a Book Club, and explore their histories through the many Chicago cultural summer events.

Students from the Evening Tutoring program will continue to meet weekly with their tutor-mentors during the summer. Many pairs enjoy going on special field trips together (movies, museums, etc.).

Join the 10x10 challenge!

10 Friends x $10 Each

We invite you to increase your impact by joining our Summer Challenge! Commit to raising $100 by asking 10 friends to contribute $10 each (or, if you prefer, 5 friends at $20 each). Spread the word:

via Facebook

Set up a Facebook Fundraiser:

1. On your Facebook page, begin a post, sharing with others that you’re raising funds for Family Matters. (For copy-and-paste text to use, click here.)

2. Click the “…” button at the bottom of the post box and choose “Support Nonprofit.” Select Family Matters Chicago as your nonprofit, and publish your post.

3. Follow up a few days later to share a fundraising update and reminder.

via Family Matters' Website

Invite friends to donate on our website:

1. Share the link to the campaign page in an email or social media post: www.familymatterschicago.org/campaigns/summer

2. Explain that you are working to raise $100 for Family Matters’ summer programs by inviting 10 friends to donate $10 each. For a copy-and-paste email text, click here.

3. Follow up a few days later to share a fundraising update and reminder.

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