2019 Year End Fund

“The world will be shining like it never did before. Everybody will have stronger relationships, better communication, and stronger leadership.”

Jennifer Lewis

(That Goddess Power)

“All barriers to a meaningful human connection will be broken.”

Tim Jones

(Executive Director of Good News Partners)

“Every child born will be welcomed and loved as they are and have access to the resources they need to reach their highest potential.”

Mary Lindblad

(Longtime Supporter)

“It will look like no people getting bullied. People will feel more safe. People will be in a safe environment, and will have space to think and someone to talk to.”

 Ignacio Rodriguez

(Partners in Learning)

“Everyone will feel safe and healthy and everyone will feel loved.”

Brooklyn Quarles

(The Family Matters School)

“El mundo mostrará mas respeto y aceptación a todo ser humano y dará mas prioridad a los mas necesitados. No existirá diferencia entre clases sociales y el color de piel..”

Jazmin Martinez

(Partners in Learning Parent)

The world will be more complete with happier smiles and good peace.”

Jaheem Adams

(Boys to Men)

Building This Future Will Take a Village

It’s afternoon at The Family Matters School and a teen boy is reading to one of the Kindergartners. As they flip through the pages of Harlem’s Little Blackbird, the five-year-old jumps up and dances across the room.“My feet are like wings, too – see?!” he says, quoting a line from the book. “I’m just like Florence Mills!” As they share a high five, the teen says, “Tell you what, you keep working on your moves and I’ll learn how to record you in the music studio Boys to Men is building. We’ll change the world too, like Florence did! Let’s finish the story.”

These youth will inhabit a world closer to what Family Matters envisions thanks, in part, to your generous support. Your contribution this winter enriches our organization and expands our work. We are so excited to see what the future holds for the young people of Family Matters, and are enormously grateful that you are joining us on this path.

Will you finish the story with us?

In deep appreciation and with our warmest wishes,

The Family Matters Family