2012 Photo Program – Fun Times at the Park

The Teen Boys decided to enjoy the beautiful March weather and made a trip to Baker Park in Evanston. Enrique of the Photo Program captured all the action!

Ample light gave Enrique the ability to use a fast shutter speed and snap some stop-motion action shots. Here he captured one of the Teen Boys zooming along on his Hi-Tide Wiggleboard….
….Exhausted from wiggling, he took a second to relax and hang around. Enrique moved in to capture the portrait.
Here, Enrique tilted the camera and captured Glenford making a move to the basket, racing past the defender!
Rather than getting in front of the drummers and clicking the shutter, Enrique found an interesting view and framed the shot through the playground equipment.
Looking for something different, Enrique turned the camera toward the sky and captured this silhouette of the tree.