2012 Photo Program – Beginning with Portraits

The 2012 photo program began with a focus on portraits. After a brief setup of the equipment in our exciting new studio (pictured above), each participant had an opportunity to frame and direct the subject, manipulate  artificial lighting, and edit the images. Please read more for a review of some basic concepts we focused on, along with a few examples of our work and a brief explanation of each shot.

Photo by Enrique
Expressions- As each participant took over the camera and worked toward framing the image, they were encouraged to direct the subject in how to pose. Here Glenford takes a cue to get comfortable and look away from the camera for a few seconds while Enrique clicks the shutter.
Photo by Alex
Lighting- After getting the lighting how he wanted it, Alex decided to get front and center and capture this image. Enrique placed a large circular diffuser (shown in the title image on the floor) in front of the 350w continuous studio light to soften the shadows cast by Glenford onto the backdrop.
Photo by Glenford
Distance- The participants were encouraged to try shooting from different distances. In the above image, Glenford decided to have some fun and get close to the subject. Noticing this, the subject decided to crack a smile.
Photo by Enrique
Angles- Glenford decided to do a quarter turn on the stool away from the camera. Enrique found this interesting and decided to capture the image. A very serious expression by Glenford is reflected in the editing.