2012 Photo Program – A Trip to Montrose Harbor

Participants of the photo program bundled up and headed out during a cold evening to visit Montrose Harbor. It was an initial experiment in shooting outside in a low light environment. Please read more to see how it turned out!

Shooting handheld in low light- Shooting at night requires photographers to use slow shutters speeds. For this picture, the film sensor was exposed for one full second. Holding the camera very tight to his face for stability, which reduces shake or blur in pictures, the photographer was able to grab this photo of Enrique holding up the moon with his hand. 
Photographing the Chicago skyline at night- Using a telephoto lens and mounting the camera on a tripod, Glenford was able to capture this night shot of the Willis Tower and surrounding buildings. The sensor was exposed for thirty seconds. The top left part of the picture captures an intermittent blinking light from an airplane descending toward Midway Airport (click on the picture for a closer look!). The slow shutter speed also gives the lake a calm and smooth look.
Painting with light- Near the end of the trip, Enrique experimented with the camera and came up with this unique photograph. He left the sensor exposed for one second and moved the camera around during the exposure instead of holding it still. He used the streetlights along Montrose Harbor to paint these wild light streaks on the sensor.