Learning Matters 2013

Learning Matters 2013 Is Underway

Family Matters youth are engaged in another summer of hands-on learning through our Learning Matters annual Summer School.  This summer, youth selected the courses they were most interested in taking from our Learning Matters 2013 Class Catalog, and we are in the midst of our first session of classes, which include Cooking Around the World, Yoga & Conditioning, DIY Divas, Peace Art, Soccer, Super Snackers, and Building Challenge.

Here are a few pictures of some of our experiences this week. Enjoy!
Cooking Around the World youth participated in a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony, including roasting coffee  beans.


Ready for the coffee ceremony, which includes coffee and popcorn, to begin.
Rolling injera, traditional Ethipioan flat bread.
It tasted delicious with the homemade red lentil dish we prepared together!



Building Challenge participants were tasked with the challenge to build a working roller coaster.
Brains at work: How can we build the roller coaster so the marble can go from start to finish?