Family Matters Wish List

Purchase a gift for Family Matters!

All of the items below are current needs for our building and programs. Some of the items may be purchased and/or donated by you, or you can make a donation in the amount of the item and specify what the donation is intended for. Thank you so much for your gift!

If you have questions about a particular item on the list, please email us.

Building Needs

Window Unit Air Conditioners ($600.00)

Pans for Radiators (to add moisture) ($25.00)

Runner (rug) for the Art Room ($50.00)

Paper Cutter ($45.00)

Automated External Defibrillator ($1,200.00)

Family Connections Program Needs

Supplies for Cooking Class ($30.00)

Subscription to IXL Math Software ($249.00)

Soccer Ball ($20.00)

Organizer Baskets ($25.00)

Foosballs ($35.00/pack of 8)

School Bus for Field Trip ($200.00)

Gift Cards to Book Stores (any amount)

Teen Program Needs

Fruits and Veggies ($25.00)

Public Transit/CTA Cards for Field Trips ($20.00)

Evening Tutoring Program Needs

Small Desk Lamps ($15.00)

Pitchers ($10.00)

One Week of “Brain Food” for Tutoring Students ($30.00)